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Zapier: Automate anything, everywhere

If you’re doing marketing automation, for sure you have used or heard about Zapier. Many marketers believe that one of the best things about working with Zapier is seeing all of the new possibilities that automation opens up for the users. But what makes Zapier special?

Zapier is a tool that allows you to automate manual tasks on one or more of your apps. It offers a variety of ways for you to trigger that automation and performs those tasks on the respective app.

It integrates with more than 3000+ apps, and it’s free for up to five apps per account. With Zapier, you can do everything from automating data entry in one app to sending notifications based on actions in another app. The best part? You don't need coding skills to use it!

The word “Zap” is implied as a verb meaning "to make happen by using an automated system." Zapier is software designed to help people make things happen automatically by connecting apps together.

Sounds interesting, right? But wait. There’s more!

What You Can Automate with Zapier

It has integrations with popular services like Asana, Slack, Trello, and Google Drive. It’s been used by many companies to increase productivity and simplify their lives. You can create zaps for various tasks such as

- Send notifications to Slack about new items in Google Drive

- Automatically add a user to Trello after they sign up in Mailchimp

- Create a monthly report based on the data from Google Analytics and Google Sheets

Zapier has integration to more than 3000+ apps

How You Can Use Zapier to Optimize Your Business Processes

Zapier is a handy app that allows for actions and tasks to be automated with the help of various apps. We will discuss the best possible ways in which you can use Zapier to optimize your business processes.

The first way in which you can use Zapier is by automating your email process. This would allow you to add multiple emails as triggers and then choose what action should be taken on these triggers automatically. If an email arrives in your inbox, it could automatically send that email as a reply, for instance. You can also set up a trigger with Slack to create a new message whenever someone mentions your company on Twitter automatically within Slack if you have the app installed.

The second way in which you can use Zapier is to connect two apps that are not connected by default. The first way is similar to using a “Zap” as it connects one app with another app, but the second way is about connecting two different apps.

There are many benefits of using this method. Connecting two different apps means that you will be able to use features from both apps and create your own automated tasks with them which can be completed simultaneously or consecutively. In summary, it will give you more control over the automation process and allow you to customize it for different situations depending on what you need at the time.

Zapier loves automating tasks and helping you be more productive. To date, users have created more than 250,000 zaps to automate hundreds of thousands of tasks across more than 400 apps—saving over 16 million hours collectively as a result. But like everything, automation isn't immune from hiccups so it is essential to automate routine tasks first before spending time on more difficult and time-consuming tasks. The key is to be mindful of what can be done in terms of automation. You need to notice when a task could be automated and where your natural strengths lie.

What software integrations should you use for your company's tech stack?

First, you need to know what your company does. If you are a B2B company that needs to find customers then you might want a service integration for CRM software. If you are a B2C company that sells products then you might want integration for customer service software.

Once you have learned what your company's needs are, decide on the type of software that integrates with it best. For example, Salesforce has different integrations than Skype.

Using one automation software can save your company time and money by eliminating the need to hire new employees with skill sets that may not be needed.

Zapier app integrations help you save time and money

Takeaway: Zapier is your automation powerhouse!

If you're looking for automation inspiration and productivity tips, Zapier is a software that you need to consider. Its users know that this automation tool can save them time, in a world where time is of the essence. Zapier’s mission is to make every business owner's life easier by automating tedious tasks and focusing on bigger goals.

Digital wizards of DigiWiz Services are experts in workflow automation using Zapier. If you need assistance in working on your automation ideas or you want to explore the power of automation for your online business, feel free to book a call. We are always ready to show you business magic!

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