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Social Media: The new meta for advertising

For sure, you have used, or at least heard, about social media, right? Many people spend hours on various social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for different reasons: communication, recreation, or checking for updates. But as technology thrives, entrepreneurs turned these social media websites into advertising platforms to outreach their target audience.

Nowadays, social platforms play an important role in digital marketing. If you haven’t set up social media accounts and pages for your business, then you need to catch up. Your competitors might already be far ahead of you.

So, why is social media essential for an advertising strategy?

Social media is the new meta for advertising

1. Develops brand visibility

The impact on brand awareness is one of the many benefits of social media advertising. Many people who aren't following your brand on social media have never heard of you. So, it helps you reach a wider audience. If they like what they see and hear about your business, then there's a good chance they'll want more information from you.

You can target these active users with tailored messages to keep them hooked on your products or services. The more they see or hear about your brand, the more they will visit your page or site. That means a higher conversion rate. They might even become your loyal customers!

Bonus tip: You can also partner with social media influencers related to your business for publicity and promotion.

2. Better customer engagement

Most social media platforms originally started as mediums of communication. It explains why you can easily connect and associate with your potential customers if you use them for your company. It can build real bonds with people online.

Features like reacting, sharing, and commenting give the users the freedom to engage with you. Relatable, insightful, and engaging content often opens room for interaction. It can build a community that will be beneficial for your brand.

Having the option to communicate via phone or chat is a way to offer exemplary customer service. Social media allows companies to respond quickly and resolve issues without having to wait until after hours when fewer people are checking online. Always remember customer satisfaction is one of the factors of a successful business. That’s why we have the popular slogan, “The customer is always right.” Of course, figuratively.

Social media creates better customer engagement

3. Drives qualified leads

Social media allows you to have a custom audience. You have the opportunity to choose whether you want to reach business owners, coaches, CEOs, millennials, or adults. It depends on your goals. So, if you can filter them, you can surely send potential buyers to your website or your landing page. These are individuals who are interested in your brand so it will be easier for you to convince them and turn them into satisfied customers.

Driving good inbound traffic saves your time and your marketing efforts. It allows you to focus more on prospects who have a higher chance of converting. Take note, every social channel reaches different active users so it is truly an essential tool to drive high-quality leads.

4. Cost-efficient

Most social media channels are free. You can reach billions of people without spending a penny. There’s a lot of pre-set features and tools that you can use, more than enough to build your online presence. Who would not like that?

You can create original content, boost your organic posts, or use paid social media ads to reach and interact with your target audience. If you know how to analyze and understand the social media metrics, and you have a content and social media marketing strategy, you can surely use social media platforms to your advantage. Less cost, high revenue.

5. Establishes credibility

With a lot of hackers and scammers, people want validity. They want to make sure that they are dealing with a legit and reliable brand. Social media profiles provide the individual users sufficient information about your business. It is also a great way to be transparent. It is essential to build credibility.

Also, once you comply with certain verification requirements of these social platforms, they will put a “blue checkmark” icon on your account. It makes your company more trustworthy and convincing. It can develop customer loyalty in your current customer base.

Social media advertising builds credibility

Takeaway: Social media is indeed a powerful tool for your business!

If you're not using any of the major social media networks to promote yourself or your business, it's time to start. Social networking sites are free to join, easy to set up, and can help increase quality traffic. It is a must-have in your marketing strategy.

Here at DigiWiz Services, we are experts in online enchantment. We can help you build your social media presence and have an outstanding business profile online. Book a call now so we can start right away! We are looking forward to working with you.

Also, if you have additional insights or helpful feedback, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. See you on the next blog. :)

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