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Top 5 reasons why you need to build your online business

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

The pandemic became an awakening to all of us, to both entrepreneurs and consumers. Lockdowns all over the world surely impacted everyone. A lot of establishments closed because they could no longer sustain their business financially. It was indeed a sad event but the good news is, the downfall of traditional business became the rise of online business.

Digital business already existed even before the epidemic, but it’s not recognized because classic business marketing was still effective. Elders and non-tech savvy people still prefer to go to physical stores than to check online. However, even these types of audiences are now online because it is safer and convenient.

With the help of technology, business owners go digital to keep their businesses running. It may be promoting their products and services, doing coaching sessions and consultations, or offering useful tools online. There’s a lot more to mention, but the bottom line is that the internet surely offers much access to business resources and advanced marketing tools.

Bring your business online

Why do I need to start my online business?

If you are hesitant to build your business virtually because of your past entrepreneurial experience, here are 5 candid reasons why you should lean towards a digital marketing strategy.

More money

Let’s be blunt. The primary reason why we want to start a business is that we want to earn more. If you are offering your products and services for free, then it’s not business, it’s charity. But that’s not the main point, the real question is, “Why online business?”

E-business (electronic business) is cost-effective. It doesn’t require much of an investment. There would be more money because renting a place for your business is not anymore necessary. You can promote your business through search engines and social media sites. If you can run your business by yourself, you no longer need to budget for your personnels’ salaries, insurance, marketing, and more.

Today, online marketplaces are more accessible and cover a wide range of audiences. Unlike local businesses, you can offer your products and services across the globe. If you can identify and reach your target audience, surely you will have higher revenue and profit than before.

Pursue passion

I believe that working on something that excites you and motivates you every day is everyone’s dream. It’s easy to work on something that generates income but it’s difficult to find a job that you really love. However, it is attainable when you build your business online.

For instance, your passion is photography. The internet provides you options where you can make money out of it. You can build a website where you offer your photography services to others, or even sell the exemplary images you captured to some artists.

But there’s a disclaimer...

It doesn’t mean that you enjoy doing it, you can instantly build a profit-making business. One thing that you need to consider is if other people are willing to invest in your passion. Let’s take this as an example. You just simply like to eat. No one will be willing to pay you for your passion to eat unless you are a chef, a nutritionist, a food critic, or a food blogger.

It means that some passions have conditions that you need to meet for you to make a business out of it.

Online business allows you to pursue passion

Learn new skills

According to the philosopher named Heraclitus, “The only constant in life is change”. And I agree with him because it is evident. Change can happen anytime and anywhere. That’s why being flexible helps you catch up with the unceasing transitions. With business, if you don’t upskill or update your strategy with the trend, you will be far behind your competitors.

If you are an ordinary business owner, building an online business will be challenging. At first, developing a business website, creating blog posts, and optimizing social media pages may sound bizarre to you. But as you adapt to the new business meta, you will study and understand new things along the process that will enhance your capabilities.

You will learn new marketing strategies such as search engine optimization and social media marketing that you can use to convey your marketing messages. It will help you leverage your value and be more competitive online.

Provide opportunities

Once you decide to take your business virtually even though you are not a tech-savvy entrepreneur, you need to pat yourself on the back because you’re not just a good entrepreneur but also a good person. You are creating jobs. It is a business opportunity for digital agencies like us and a lot of freelancers around the world to earn and put food on our tables.

Sometimes, it’s not just about revenue and profit. Making people feel useful and being able to help others become successful is enough. It’s a win-win situation. You help us, we help you.

Also, it gives you, as a business owner, the opportunity to improve your products and services instantly because of the availability of online reviews and performance reviews. It will help you optimize your online business easier to provide a seamless user experience, save your marketing efforts and meet your business goals.

Soothing freedom

I know you always hear the saying, “Save the best for last”. I just did that. Undoubtedly, when you have an online business you are good to go as long as you have an internet connection. You can work near the beach, within the woods, or still, run your business while visiting another country. Who the heck on earth wouldn’t like that?

If you want to be away from the keyboard, take a break and relax without compromising your business’ revenue, you can outsource your job to digital agencies like us or marketing companies so the business operation is continuous. A little investment in exchange for a work-life balance is not bad, is it?

Also, your business, your call. Running your own digital business allows you to innovate and personalize your business model, online business ideas, plans, and strategies. You can create your own reasons and decisions that fit your character which can be an essential factor to your success.

Online business offers work-life balance

Takeaway: Is doing business online worth it?

Digital transformation is not easy but is definitely worth it. With the help of search engines, social media networks, and email campaigns, you can surely reach a wider audience, increase your click-through rate and sales.

Always remember, in business, you need to take risks. But I believe in the popular motto that says, “high risk, high reward”. If you know how to run your online business right, then there’s a high chance for you to be successful. But how about if you don’t have any idea about going digital? You can still have a successful business online through the help of an external workforce like DigiWiz Services.

By the way, feel free to share your thoughts about this by leaving a comment or sharing it through social media channels. We would appreciate any feedback. Also, check our website for the list of digital services that we offer that you might be interested in! See you on the next blog :)

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