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Marketing 101: How to jumpstart your business during the pandemic?

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

It’s been more than a year since COVID-19 startled the whole world. After several lockdowns and staying at home, we officially welcomed the “new normal.” Though many business owners struggled at the beginning, some of them made it an opportunity to grow their businesses.

Interestingly, the coronavirus pandemic is not just a kickoff for business growth, but it pushes a lot of people to be startup entrepreneurs. Yes, it opened new opportunities, but we should not forget about the coronavirus threat. So the question is, “How can I grow my business in this difficult time?”

Here are 5 marketing hacks that you can apply to jumpstart your business during the pandemic.

Grow your business during the pandemic

Communication is the key

We all know that communication is important in all aspects. Similar to how essential it is in running a business.

Nowadays, the skeletal workforce is encouraged to observe proper social distancing and avoid the spread of the virus. Usually, virtual meetings are done to have regular updates. Daily communication with your team is necessary for everyone to stay connected and be on the same page.

Commending and appreciating your people’s great work is also one good way to have good communication. You should reward them when they meet or go beyond the target goals. If they commit mistakes, talk to them privately and allow them to open up.

These will lessen the anxiety and hardships brought by the pandemic and encourage your employees to work at their best.

Build your online presence

Amidst the challenging times, we can say that this generation is the boom of the digital era. Most people try to look for their needs or answers on search engines and social media channels. So, as a business owner, building your online business is a must.

Use the technology to your advantage. Build a website and utilize social media platforms to promote your business and reach your target audience. Create business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It will help you reach a wide range of audiences and entice them to be your potential customers. It is preferable as you can work safely from home and it is cost-effective.

Build your online business

Customers first

In business, building a customer relationship is critical. The success of your business relies on them. That’s why meeting their demands and expectations should be your priority to boost your brand. Customer experience should be the center point of your business model.

The unprecedented times might have impacted how your current customers think and what they want. So, understand how they feel and know what they need so you can offer solutions, not problems. Provide excellent customer service and put your ideal clients first so they can help you reach your business goals.

Business doesn’t need to be 100% professional. It should also be personal. Though there are marketing technicalities that you need to do for you to be effective, customers prefer brands that connect and relate to them. That’s normally how customer loyalty starts.

Strategize regularly

The marketplaces are frequently changing and for you to be efficient, you need to have a dynamic approach. A method that is effective today may not be competent tomorrow. Always evaluate your strategies, improvise or optimize your techniques if needed.

Be tactical about your marketing efforts. You can do digital marketing strategies such as email marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing, and many more. You can apply multiple strategies at the same time, as long as it fits your business and it is relevant to your target customers.

When you make crucial business decisions, you need to base them on facts. Collect and analyze actionable insights and analytics to help you come up with a better plan. Think in advance and foresee the result. It will make you one step ahead of your competitors.

Follow COVID-19 protocols

The World Health Organization (WHO), in collaboration with our local governments, implemented health protocols to keep everyone protected as much as possible. As a business owner, you need to comply. Conforming to these regulations develops trust in the people as you are concerned about their safety. It will build your brand as a competent and credible business since you know how to follow rules.

If you are not aware of the recent COVID-19 protocols, check WHO’s coronavirus disease advice for the public. Let's be responsible entrepreneurs and citizens.

Following covid-19 protocols

Takeaway: You can grow your business amidst the pandemic!

Consider the COVID-19 pandemic as a challenge while building up your business. The more challenging it is, the more competitive you become. It brings out the full potential in you to have a successful business. Nothing is impossible for a person with determination and grit.

Some of you may lack the building of the online presence and strategizing part. But no worries, DigiWiz Services is here to help. Our outstanding team of digital wizards can magic your brand forward. Check out our services and don’t hesitate to book a call to discuss!

See you on the next blog. :)

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