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The trend: Hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

As an entrepreneur, running your business alone is challenging. But, hiring the wrong individuals to help you is costly and disastrous. Your goal is to earn, not to spend. Time and money are the essentials of a business. As much as possible, you want to make the most out of every second and every cent. So, choosing the right people to work with is a must.

Nowadays, business owners should have virtual assistants. Why? They act like your personal assistant who handles your personal tasks but are working remotely. They can help you with your business growth and can give you a work-life balance. Who doesn’t want that, right? But the real question here is, “Where do I find top-tier virtual assistants?” — Me: In the Philippines.

Why do we need to hire a Filipino VA?

Why is hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant becoming the trend?

I am 100% confident that recruiting remote staff from the Philippines is a good business decision and investment. It is proven and tested. They have advanced technical skills that allow them to perform more than admin tasks. Even before the boom of digital marketing, some entrepreneurs were already working with Filipino VAs. Here’s why.

Flexible and Diligent

Filipinos have excellent communication skills. In the Philippines, even though Filipino is their primary language, English has become the secondary language. We can say that it is part of almost their entire lives. The dialect is being taught to all education levels: from primary to secondary up to tertiary. Also, most companies in the Philippines use the English language as the medium of communication. It results in a high literacy rate. Being proficient in written and verbal English, Filipino remote workers can surely understand your directives and meet your expectations.

Moreover, the Philippine history of colonization allows them to be open and understanding when it comes to cultural diversity. They know how to adjust and adapt to their clients seamlessly to achieve the same goals. Filipino virtual assistants always build good working relationships.

Filipino VAs are versatile with time zone differences. Clients are from all around the world. They need to stick with their client’s preferred time to align with the business operations. If it means they need to work at night time, they will.

Filipinos know how to work under pressure. They have time management. They work hard to deliver quality service and outstanding results. They don’t settle for less and always aim for excellence. That’s what makes a Filipino freelancer the best among the rest.

Fast Learner

The Philippines gives a lot of importance to education. Academic standards are high which develops Filipinos' critical thinking thoroughly. A lot of Filipino online professionals have high educational attainment and a wide range of knowledge so they learn quickly.

Moreover, Filipino VAs only require minimal supervision. Sometimes, even though you only provide written instructions of the administrative tasks, they can already execute the job. It gives you more time to focus on other business functions and also time for yourself. What an excellent return, right?

Filipino virtual assistants are fast learners


Being observant, inquisitive, and proactive makes Filipino freelancers more efficient with their jobs. Of course, they know how to follow instructions, but they also have the initiative to recommend ideas that can be impactful.

Filipino virtual assistants are resourceful. They do research and use all the available tools that will be beneficial for you. They continue to learn new skill sets and develop their basic skills, not only for themselves but also for your business.

Humble and Hospitable

I believe you have already heard about Filipino hospitality. If not, I’m not sure if you’re from this planet. Kidding aside, it is about how warm and welcoming Filipinos are. When you are working with Filipino VAs, they don’t treat you like a different person, but they treat you as a family.

They know how to respect the people around them. It is maybe because of the Filipino culture that they have. They are taught to respect everyone. Filipino virtual assistants have work etiquette. That's why it is easy to deal with them because they have superb customer service. Everything just feels so natural.


Business is still business. As an entrepreneur, you need to be practical. Undoubtedly, labor cost in the Philippines is affordable compared to other regions. Research shows that the country placed second in having the most reliable outsourcing industry because of outstanding services at a sensible cost.

It is also a win-win for both business owners and remote workers. They can save dollars because salary rates are negotiable and renting an office space is no longer necessary. At the same time, they provide more opportunities for employment for Filipino professionals and better compensation at an hourly rate.

Hiring Filipino freelancers are cost-effective

Takeaway: Where can I find the best Filipino virtual assistant services?

If you have read everything, at this point, I’m pretty sure that you are already considering getting a Filipino virtual staff to help you with your business growth. Good news! You are on the right page. We can offer first-class virtual assistance without going through a complicated hiring process.

DigiWiz Services is a digital marketing agency started by Filipino online professionals who are committed to delivering top-notch service. It is a team of digital wizards who want to use Filipino talents and skills to help entrepreneurs reach their goals and develop the best business version they could ever have. No B.S. ;)

If there’s something we can do for you, don’t hesitate to book a call. We are excited to work with you! Also, see you on the next blog. :)

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